Tournament Info and Certification day ! Oct 2, 6-8 pm


Oct 2nd - Tournament Info Day @ the library, Schedule will be unveiled.

Student officers, coaches, and parents of upperclassmen will share valuable info and experience about tournament roadmap, logistics, judge duties, commitment level, and how to prepare and to balance academics and multiple extracurricular activities along with Speech and Debate 

Oct 2nd - Same Day Volunteer certification @ the tutoring center

 We will have all the forms and district personnel on site. Bring your Photo ID/Driver’s License. School will pay the $60 processing fee. Valid for all 4 years... more if you have a younger one. Having as many parents certified also means greater flexibility to travel and accompany your child and our team to many more tournaments this year.

Certification starts as early as 5.30 pm and ends at 8.00 pm

· Info session for Speech parents 6:00 – 6:45  (Debate parents do certification)

· Info session for Debate parents 6:45 – 7:30pm (Speech parents do certification)

Get there early or stay up late

Come early to skip the crowd for certification. It takes only 5-10 mins.  

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Do come there with other parent friends. Let us have a parent social. Bring some cheer and meet new parents. Share your stories.

Certification F.A.Q


Get started now

Certification involves standard i) Identity checks ii) Health check iii) FBI clearance.

You want this protection of anyone taking your kids anywhere, don't you ? Here are the specifics. 

Download 1-page info sheet

How to help after getting certified ?

The boosters have got many parent-led activities in place. You can help  streamline logistics for everyone involved. e.g. chaperoning students to local and travel tournaments, carpooling to local tournaments, supervising practice sessions, holding student camps, helping out at events (stay tuned) and ensuring that our kids are not far away from certified adult support and supervision through the season.  Finally, now that we are not directly dependent on coach availability, parent chaperoning can potentially help us participate in more tournaments.

I am still not convinced. I just want to help.

 The LGSUHSD district is examining all studnt clubs in  high school due to issues it discovered with a few clubs this past year. They want to ensure only authorized persons are supervising our student in tournaments and travel.  All coaches and chaperones are being certified as part of this program. Please bear in mind that all boosters will also be undergoing this process for the first time so we in full compliance. 

How long will this take ?

 We expect this certification will take 3-4 weeks and once certified it will help you stay involved with school activities even after your child has graduated. There will be a TB test, Fingerprinting and a check of your identity.

How much will it cost us $$ ?
There may be a small personal expense ($40-$60) involved in terms of Fingerprinting charges etc. charged by private enterprised like UPS MailBox etc. which you can save - if you attend the Info Day On Oct 2nd.

We will have free fingerprinting services on site.

I am certified in the Elementary/Middle school, do I still have to do this ?

 Yes. The two school districts are different. Once is SUSD and the other LGSUHSD and they do not share their systems.

Can I use this certification for any other Volunteering ?

 Yes. Once you are certified, you can volunteer for any and all activities in LGSUHSD forever, unless your law enforcement status or background has changed.


What else ? Tell (Sell) me more) ,,,,

Some of us feel strongly that in order to set a course for this team to enjoy a strong foundation and platform we see other teams enjoy, each one of can and should consider a directed and meaningful way to support. 

Boosters understand we cannot convince all the adults involved with the team and community to step forward, and in that you have entered into a 'good faith' contract with the club when your student joined.