Judging tips for Saratoga parents


What are ballots and how do you enter them ?

Ballots are nothing but scorecards. As a judge you will be asked to record your scores and comments with feedback. 

You will need your laptop as all the scores and comments are electronically input thse days. NO EXCEPTIONS !

 Login into your tabroom.com account and read this guide below. 

Download Guide to filling online ballots

How to enter Speech ballots

You will find yourself searching for the room or the table with 6-9 contestants in a round. Yes, each student will go by turn. Here are some tips..

Download Guide to tabroom.com speech ballot

How to judge debate rounds ?

Debate rounds are some of the most complex to judge.. but do not despair.. you simply need to look for cues. 

Here are a few : This is not speech, evaluate the arguments. Keep track of the affirmative cards (aka points) and see if the Negative is negating them. If not, the Affirmative wins. If Negative simply negates, they WIN !!! Negative does not have the burden of proof. They can negate through evidence in support of their values.. So place close attention to morality and values.

Download Guide to judging debate rounds