Your Donation is vital for hiring coaches, running the club


Paying by PayPal ?

We like PayPal, but not its transaction fees. Please bring $620, which includes $20 transaction fees they charge boosters. Click here or Paypal  to  Please Include students name  & EIN 77-0108042 in memo field.

Donate via Paypal

Paying by personal check ?

Bring a check for $600 made to ‘SHS Speech and Debate Supporters’.
Please Include students name & EIN 77-0108042  in memo field . Hand it to a booster member at practice.

The preferred method

Please sign parent commitment letter

Include parent commitment letter.  Send it via your student, or drop it at practice.

Sign Parent commitment

New process requires pre-funding of district payroll escrow

The new payroll policy seeks to avoid financial misuse by directing payroll payouts via a district escrow account. Any shortage of funds means we cannot hire coaches or program director through the year.  Do not delay in your donations.

No funding from school, PTSO or district

The club does not receive funding from the school, PTSO or the district. It is solely funded by boosters and fundraising.

Boosters are parents too

The Boosters are 100% volunteers. Parents like you. They have signed up for a thankless job of managing funds and help with club operations. If you find an issue or a better way to do things, do not hesitate to point out. But we ask that you come up with suggestions. We ask that you volunteer your time. We hope you have already donated for the school year.