Lincoln Douglas

Ethical, logical, and philosophical values are the basis for LD. Each month, a new resolution is released, in which you must make a case more logical and ethical than your opponent. This is the only solo debate event. All other debate events require a partner.

Public Forum

Public Forum is pretty straight-forward. Just like Lincoln Douglas, a new topic is released each month. You and your partner must create both a case that affirms it as well as a case that negates it. You must use the evidence you prepared to prove that your case and your logic outweighs your opponents.


This very detail oriented debate requires that you and your partner carry out a specific plan of action to the utmost detail throughout the year. Because the topic is released yearly, you and your partner will be able to make a thorough and strong case.


Parli is the only spontaneous debate event, as impromptu is a speech event. You and your partner are given a mere 20 minutes to come up a case right at the tournament with no prior prep. The topic can vary from a governmental plan of action to a philosophical proverb, so you must rely on your knowledge of current events and your partner to make a strong case.