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Saratoga High School Speech and Debate Club

Upcoming Tournaments

Here are the list of the tournament for this November and December. Please register before the deadline.

CFL Novice Speech (Nov 3) Register by 10/23
Presentation Panther Fun Invitational (Nov 9) Register by 10/23
CFL 2 LD/PF (Nov 10) Register by 10/23
CFL 2 Policy (Nov 16) Register by 10/27
CFL 2 Speech (Nov 17) Register by 10/27
SCU Dempsey Cronin Invitation (Nov 22-24) Register by 10/23
CFL Novice Debate (Dec 7) Register by 11/10
College Prep LD Invitational Oakland (Dec 21-22)Register by 11/10

Tournament Schedule

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