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Saratoga High School Speech and Debate Club

Eric Rector (Head Coach)

Mr. Eric Rector is an English teacher at Saratoga High School and a veteran of Saratoga Speech and Debate. He is a National Forensic League Diamond Certified Coach. He started the current program fourteen years ago and has led the team to countless State, National, and Invitational Championships during his eight-year tenure as head coach.

In his own words: I am excited to be returning to the Saratoga Speech and Debate program and having the opportunity to work with this group of talented, intelligent, and motivated students. Speech and Debate is more than an extra-curricular activity; it is a chance for students to develop a truly valuable skill set they will carry with them into college and the working world. I hope to create an engaging and fun environment where students can practice their craft of oration, critical thought, and rhetoric. It's going to be a great year!

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