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Saratoga High School Speech and Debate Club

Head Coach Introduction: Steve Clemmons

We are excited to introduce Steve Clemmons as our head coach for this year. Coach Clemmons coached the Saratoga speech team from 2009 until 2014, when he left to direct the University of Oregon debate program. He came back to coach the Saratoga debate and speech team in 2016. Coach Clemmons is a high school teacher during the day at Summit high School in Concord California. He has directed programs in middle school, high school, and multiple college programs. He was a standout college competitor, winning LD Nationals and qualifying for the NDT, where he was a top 15 speaker. He also was a two time octofinalist at CEDA Nationals and a two time elimination participant at AFA Nationals for individual events. He loves all aspects of the forensics program.

Meet the Officers

President - Harshini Velchamy
Vice President - Selina Chen
Secretary - Anouk Yeh
Treasurer - Shreya Rallabandi

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